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MoonSkinned Mar 20, 2006  Professional Digital Artist

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Puku Jan 25, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
i agree. Ross Campbell is a good example of the new art emerging from the explosion of feedback based right here on the internet. But Anime_girl_z - i'd have to disagree with you that its all just a "one dimensional display of sexual frustration in the form of barely legal trendy girls" in fact if you took the time to read Ross's books - you find a whole level of social interaction and subtle insights into a characters life that one finds so rarely these days. The problem is that a tradition of going with what's safe and with those who have already made their careers, is just polluting the waters of creative spirit. Fear not though - for books like "Wet Moon" come loaded with esthetic originality - like a long overdue breath of fresh air. Prepare yourselfs for a new day and age when comics will set itself, not only as the backbone of films and tv productions, but as a dominate force in the peoples entertainment and interests!!! ~TS McDavison
Oh, I just realised there is a forum entry!
so I have to spam it!
Did anyone notive that Ross currently is an ASCII Artist and located in Antarctica?
I don't even know what ASCII is, so that might even be true.
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