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July 18, 2012


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i posted about this a few weeks ago, but i wanted to highlight the Kickstarter campaign for my friend Kelly Thompson's awesome debut novel THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING one more time! it's been fully funded since the first couple days, it's been doing gangbusters, but if Kelly can get $25,000 then a stretch goal of a hardcover edition of the book will be made, an edition that includes amazing Stephanie Hans artwork. let's do it!!! 6 days to go!!

there are pledge levels featuring amazing artwork by Stephanie Hans and our own Meredith McClaren/IniquitousFish, and ME! you can get magnets of the two main characters, Lola and Bonnie, featuring my artwork:……………

thank you, everyone!! it's great to see friends succeed.

I pledged on day one, and the bits I've read of it thus far have shown me I was totally justified in doing so. It's gonna be a great book, and she's got a murderer's row of awesome artists doing work for her. :)
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