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July 25, 2012


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A Podcast With Ross & Nick #134

Wed Jul 25, 2012, 12:02 PM
  • Drinking: tea
i think i forgot to link to the last couple episodes here but here's the latest podcast! check it out here.

this time Nick talks about the film 'The Hollywood Complex,' his addiction to claw machines, i talk about buying clothes online, then we talk about Grant Morrison's New X-Men, is Emma Frost Morrison's secret cipher, we talk Xorn and Magneto, then some Iron Man and Sleepwalker, then i self-indulgently talk a little about my TMNT fan-comic and April's big curly hair, then a little about Dark Knight Rises, then some movie talk including 'Dragon Eyes,' Stallone's 'Judge Dredd,' 'Chronicle,' 'Sleepaway Camp,' and some reminiscing of old podcast episodes including the James Hong marathon and the time we watched Helen Hunt's 'Then She Found Me.' i remember also talking about 'Hollow Man' but i can't remember if that made it onto the recording or if that was before or after we'd stopped. then there's a bit more Ninja Turtles when Nick finally realizes that Kevin Clash not only was Elmo but was Splinter, too.

then at the end we make a big announcement: the return of EXTREME: Epic X-Men TV Review Endurance Marathon Extravaganza!!! some of you may remember this but for those who don't, a couple years ago on the podcast we set out to review every episode of the 90s X-Men cartoon and failed because we couldn't take it anymore. can we make it through the rest this time?!? the last episodes we did were #40-41, all the way back in Podcast #104!

nickmarino Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
OH SHIT!!! i forgot to add Hollow Man to the show notes.

my bad. :flagcanada:
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