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my original pages from TMNT issues 29-32 are being posted on my art dealer site right now!! :tmnt3:

thanks everyone!
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my last issue! thanks again for all the support and to everyone who read Northampton. :tmnt2::tmnt3::tmnt4::tmnt1:
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i finished TMNT #32 yesterday, i'm done with my 4-issue story! :D i hope you guys like the remaining 2 issues, and then Santolouco's return after i leave. thanks, everyone!!! :tmnt1::tmnt2::tmnt3::tmnt4:
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HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOU GUYS!!! thank you so much for a great year! :)

i can't believe it's 2014. i'm almost done with TMNT #31 and then one more issue and i'm done, and then after that will be Wet Moon 7 and my TMNT fan-comic!!

hope everyone had a good new year's and holidays and everything.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #29 comes out TOMORROW!!! :D :D :D it's the first of my 4 issues!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #29 by mooncalfe
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new podcast episode!
in this installment, Nick and i kick things off by discussing the original 6 Star Trek movies and Star Trek: Voyager, before doing more TWILIGHT!! this time it's chapters 7-12, and i'm still liking it and Nick is not. :XD: omg Edward, SWOON

then after Twilight we get to some comic news. we focus on chef Chris Cosentino's Wolverine: In The Flesh #1 and do a dramatic reading of the first few pages.
my pal and fellow podcaster and Dinogeddon creator, the amazing artist Kaylie/kayliesaurus-rex is open for commissions!!! :omg: here's what she has to say and more info. she's in a bit of a rough patch financially and could use some money sent her way, in exchange for awesome art at awesome rates.

waiting for some action by kayliesaurus-rex ShadowKiss by kayliesaurus-rex Emilie and Marina by kayliesaurus-rex Naga by kayliesaurus-rex  Kat commission by kayliesaurus-rex Edmontosaurus Rider commission by kayliesaurus-rex

Kaylie is one of my favorite artists, she does such great character designs and facial expressions, and of course her amazing colors!! there's nobody else like her.
the Hogan twins of British Columbia have been in the news here and there over the past couple years so you may have heard of them, they're 6-year-old craniopagus twins who have an extremely unusual brain connection and are able share some degree of sensory experience, such as being able to see through each other's eyes, tasting each other's food, feeling when the other twin is hurt, and possibly even sharing some form of thought. they are also diabetic and suffer from seizures and need care that their taxed-to-the-max family struggles to give.

Through her sister’s eyes: Conjoined twins Tatiana and Krista were extraordinary from the beginning

Tatiana and Krista need a new house suitable for their needs and to improve their living conditions!! please check out their gofundme page and consider donating!

their gofundme page has only raised about $5000 in the last 10 months. learn more about Tatiana and Krista at part 1 and part 2.

thanks, everyone!!!
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my new podcast Everything Blows with nickmarino continues!

two weeks ago we did episode #3: Phat, in which we discuss Wii Fit Trainer porn, asexuality, and then we discuss the 1998 Ron Underwood movie Mighty Joe Young which made me cry like a baby! :crying:

she's just not that into you

then this week is episode #4: Bros! we talk about my two releases that came out this week, GLORY volume 2: WAR TORN (written by Joe Keatinge), and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: ALOPEX (written by Brian Lynch). Nick re-read all 12 issues of Glory and gives his thoughts on it, and i talk about what my favorite things were to draw in it and my least favorite, and then we have an in-depth Alopex discussion. AND THEN comes what was supposed to be our main focus, which is we review chapters 1-6 of the first Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer!!

Twilight audiobook

next time: chapters 7-12 of Twilight and SDCC news!
Heather Nunnelly's/ImagineTheEnding's Kickstarter campaign for her awesome sci-fi comic VACANT has 3 days left to go! it's already fully-funded and then some, but that doesn't mean you still shouldn't check it out!!! ;D

Bitchin Hayze by ImagineTheEnding
are you guys finally getting sick of all the Ninja Turtles stuff i've been posting??? :mwahaha:
i have some Wet Moon art coming, i promise! i'm doing some old-school pin-ups/illustrations like i used to do years ago, i've barely done any of that recently. i'm trying to cut loose a bit before i'm embroiled in Wet Moon 7 and another secret gig i have coming up later this year.

i was hoping to make this summer the Summer of Ross and only work on Wet Moon 7 and my TMNT fan-comic, my own personal work, up until the secret gig i mentioned, but things have gotten really unexpectedly crunched, unfortunately. i'm only going to end up with maybe 1.5 or 2 months of work-time on Wet Moon 7 this year, i'm frustrated, i can't believe how fast time is getting away from me recently. and i can't believe i'm already 33 years old. life's too short. i gotta get back to Wet Moon and Shadoweyes before i'm too old, financial situation be damned. my plan now is do as much on Wet Moon 7 this year as i can, do my secret gig, then make 2014 the Year of Ross and finish Wet Moon 7, do Shadoweyes 3, and FINALLY get my TMNT fan-comic going. that's the plan!!!

i can't believe i posted my first TMNT fan-comic art about a year ago, jeez. maybe i shouldn't have hyped it up like that so far in advance, heh. i've been working on the story outline this whole time, though, whenever i had free time or ideas, so i've been doing a lot of work on it. it's in a great place now and i'm thinking of drawing straight off the outline without an actual script like i usually do, so i can keep it loose and raw. the outline is super detailed so parts of it are already basically a script, but it's still much looser than how i usually work. thank you for everyone who's expressed interest in this over the past year and been so patient, i really appreciate it. :tmnt1:

Wet Moon 7 is all set to be drawn still, i only have about 2 pages drawn. T_T i'm drawing it digitally this time in Paint Tool Sai, it's pretty fun and it saves a ton of paper and space in my apartment (it's really tiresome to store stacks and stacks of bristol paper each time i finish a book or an issue, i barely have the room anymore). anyway, i'm excited to try it this way! i'll post some sneak peeks soon.

mood-wise i've been feeling pretty good recently, maybe because i have less things and people making me feel overwhelmed, but i've also sadly turned in my vegan card (after 10 years!) for the time being in an experiment to see if introducing shellfish and some dairy into my diet will change my mood, after doing some research about it, and it seems to be working. maybe i was already on an upswing or it's a placebo effect, but i've definitely felt a change over the past couple weeks, and normally this time of year i'm depressed because of my Summer Slump (some kind of reverse seasonal depression where i get down in the summer and up in the winter, heh). i'm going to keep at it and see how it goes.

thank you again, everyone!!! :love:
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deviantart's own ImagineTheEnding/Heather Nunnelly is running a Kickstarter for her awesome sci-fi comic VACANT!

Volume1coversmall by ImagineTheEnding

UPDATE: Vacant has been fully funded!!! yayyyy :D
but that's no reason not to pledge now, Heather's added a bunch of new incentives and stuff, including a print of my Hayze drawing:

Hayze by mooncalfe

the VACANT graphic novel collects issues 1-6 and bonus stuff (LIKE FANART BY ME!!! ;)). go check out the Vacant campaign here!!!

and check out the actual Vacant comic online here!. it's really great stuff.

thanks, you guys!!!

i forgot to post about this two weeks ago when our first episode went up! after i went on podcast hiatus from my original podcast, A Podcast With Ross & Nick, it became the much better A Podcast With Kaylie & Nick with kayliesaurus-rex taking my place. when i was ready to return, i didn't want to interrupt what Kaylie and Nick were doing so instead Nick/nickmarino and i created a new podcast which is basically exactly the same as our old one except it's called Everything Blows With Ross & Nick!!!

in our first episode, we had the soon-to-be-world-famous Kelly Thompson guest star to review the terrible/hilarious 1990 Captain America movie with us.

then our second episode went up today, in which Nick and i review the awesome 1992 Brandon Lee movie Rapid Fire directed by Dwight Little (Halloween 4, Free Willy 2). we also talk about some comic news and get depressed by it. :)

thanks, you guys!!
i'll be at TCAF this weekend at table 273 on the second floor of the library! i kept forgetting to post about this before now. i hope i see some of you there!! :)
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i'm taking a podcast break!
taking over my spot for the time being is previous Ross & Nick guest Kaylie McDougal/kayliesaurus-rex, the awesome creator of the stellar dinosaur-riding gang comic Dinogeddon!!

check it out here!!!

man, if every episode is as fun to listen to as this one, i might stay away forever! ;) now that our X-Men animated series marathon is over, Kaylie and Nick tackle ALF. they talk Alf's weird towel thing, Peter Bonerz, is Alf funny or unfunny, Kaylie's fear of lifelike puppets, and then they get into the question of how perception of art can differ between the person making it and the people viewing/consuming it. Kaylie relates the question to Dinogeddon and the misperceptions around her erotic comic PonyGasm which caused a shitstorm when it was on IndieGoGo. Nick continues his existential crisis from last week's episode, and talks about how he tries to see his own work as how consumers might see it, and wonders whether art is still something he wants to do. :(
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i don't usually like doing update journals because they seem so self-aggrandizing or clinical or something, but i've been getting enough interest in my Ninja Turtles fan-comic that i thought i should write something about it! :tmnt1: thank you so much to everyone who's been commenting and leaving their thoughts on my TMNT art, i really appreciate it, you guys are great. also thank you again to everyone who read Glory, which concluded with its 12th and final issue last week. thank you!!!

so, i'm still hammering away at the fan-comic story outline, i've been working on it in my free time for months now. i think it's in a good place and it's pretty much all there but still needs some work. i'm not sure how many pages it'll end up being, it's got a ton of stuff in it right now so i'm guessing at least 200 pages or more. O_O gotta see how it shakes out first.

i'm not sure if i'll write a formal script like i usually do or if i'll thumbnail direct off the outline. i thought about forgetting thumbnails altogether and drawing right in Photoshop at full-size, but i think that might take me more time to do because the scale kind of throws me off sometimes in Photoshop, comics seem to go faster when i can draw in pencil at small size and see it all laid out in front of me. we'll see, though. anyway, i'm not sure when the comic will launch, but i'll be posting the pages here, deviantart will be the comic's home base, so if you're watching me whenever it starts you'll see it. :)

sometimes i find myself wondering what the hell i'm doing, why did i decide to undertake this when i have Wet Moon and Shadoweyes and i could be using the time i spend on my fan-comic for those other comics or bringing back my comic Mountain Girl or at the very least something that pays the rent and isn't fan-work of other people's and now corporately-owned characters, but then other times it seems like the best idea in the world. i've never done anything like this and i not only think i have a good story to tell with the TMNT characters, but i want to do a comic that's just purely for the fun of it with no money or publication pressure or anything like that, just something to goof off with. i haven't done any comics purely for the fun of it in a long time (not that Wet Moon or Shadoweyes aren't fun but they still have other considerations that sometimes psych me out). i want to do something just for me, with no rules, as corny as it sounds.

other stuff!
WET MOON: i'm over halfway done with Wet Moon 7 thumbnails!!! i should be done in another week or less, i can't wait to start drawing actual pages. if you guys are interested, i did a script/thumbnails process post over at my Wet Moon blog.

me: i keep getting into depression funks that last for a few days and then i'm fine, where i feel like everything sucks and i'm not interested in anything and i can't face any of my friends and i feel resentful towards them and i'm overwhelmed by anxiety and melancholy. i don't know what my problem is. i keep thinking i might be clinically depressed but it doesn't seem MAJOR enough to be that, and i usually feel fine after a few days or a week or something, until something tiny sets me off again. i don't know. i'll keep an eye on it, i guess.

TMNT: i think i said this somewhere else, but i'm doing 2 pages in IDW's TMNT #23, alongside Dan Duncan/dan-duncan, Ben Bates/BenBates, Andy Kuhn, and regular artist Mateus Santolouco/Santolouco. the pressure is ON. :fear: i have to step up my game if i'm going to hack it next to those guys!! then the Alopex micro-series issue is on track, it looks like, i read the first draft of Brian Lynch's script and it's tremendous. can't wait.

THAT'S IT I GUESS! thank you so much again, you guysssssssss
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our X-Men the Animated Series review marathon is OVER! check it out here and listen to me, Nick and Kelly Thompson cross the finish line. i can't believe we did it, i can't believe we made it through all 76 awful episodes.

in addition to our final X-Men discussion (even Kelly made screencaps this time!!), we also talk scary Easter bunnies, Nick's reality check at WonderCon which leaves him questioning his work (which i feel like we should have discussed more, i think Kelly and i may have come off like we didn't care), childhood comic posters, Nick's awesome cover of the X-Men theme song, oranges, kumquats, mangoes, and Kelly's custom bookcase.

if anyone is interested in watching the entire run of episodes, Nick put together one handy post with all the EXTREME episodes in chronological order!! check it out here!!



podcast round-up

Tue Mar 26, 2013, 9:02 PM
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i always forget to link to my podcast!!! the last one i linked to was #144, but we've done a bunch since, and i thought i'd post the rest of these since next week we FINALLY finish up our X-Men Animated Series marathon (EXTREME: Epic X-Men TV Review Endurance Marathon Extravaganza)
!! i can't believe we're about to cross the finish line.

so here we go, A Podcast With Ross & Nick round-up!

episode #145: Oyster Loaf: comic book movies, JJ Abrams, best of 2012 awards, and X-Men episode 62: a Morlock Christmas.

episode #146: So Mad It's Good: in this jumbo episode Nick and special guest Kelly Thompson have a major throwdown and i stay out of it! watching movies at 1.5 speed! The Naked Gun vs. The Avengers! X-Men episodes 63 and 64!

episode #147: Immortus: Nick vs. the Academy Awards, Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun-Li, Danny Glover, unedited/raw podcast conversations vs. edited conversation, and some crappy Cable/Apocalypse stuff in X-Men episodes 65 and 66.

episode #148: Desert Island: we discuss being stranded on a desert island and you can only watch one TV show and eat one food for the rest of your life! then the Phalanx and Magneto's purple hand strike in X-Men episodes 67 and 68.

episode $149: Scarf Anxiety: Kelly sits this one out, and kayliesaurus-rex guest stars for our review of the movie Funky Monkey. we discuss the Storm-focused 2-parter X-Men episodes 69-70 and that time in 1970's Lois Lane #106 when Superman made Lois Lane black.

episode #150: Gamey: our anniversary episode! Kelly returns and we talk some comics: Uncanny X-Force, Hawkeye, and Hypernaturals. then we tackle the age-old topic, suggested by Stupidartpunk, are video games art??? and of course X-Men episodes 71 and 72, where the animation changes and gets weird and Jubilee's awful fairytale theater.

episode #151: Reckless Eye Color: Nick talks the comic Goblyn by SolomonMars and i get distracted reading it and stay quiet for a bunch of the episode. X-Men episodes 73 and 74 feature Wolverine teaming up with Captain America in World War II and an appearance by Sam Guthrie/Cannonball. then we talk about why i don't drink and why Nick quit drinking and alcohol/drugs vs. an artist's perception/expression.

then next week is THE END OF OUR X-MEN MARATHON!!! :excited:

thanks for listening!

busted hand T_T

Mon Mar 11, 2013, 8:34 PM
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last week i was out running and tripped on a raised sidewalk panel and fell and hurt my hand bad! my left hand/non-drawing hand at least, whew. i thought at first i'd broken it but it seems to be getting better now, the swellling is finally going down and it feels way better. i'm still not good to go yet though and i'm typing this with one hand. :XD: it happened right after i started thumbnailing Wet Moon 7, too, d'oh. finally getting going on the damn thing, then this happens. i didn't really realize how much i use both hands when drawing, having even my non-drawing hand incapacitated brought me to a halt. learning to do things with one hand is tough but actually pretty intuitive.

it's also been kind of a wake-up call, jump-starting me into feeling rarin' to go instead of slowly moving along in a funk. brings things into perspective when i suddenly can't do it anymore. hopefully i'll be ready to go again soon. :) at least it didn't happen during Glory or Turtles or some other big deadline!