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March 24, 2011
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not gonna move without you by mooncalfe not gonna move without you by mooncalfe
Shadoweyes & Noah.
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starcru Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
nice.just found out about this comic.
mooncalfe Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
awesome! i hope you like it! :)
starcru Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
it LOOKS cool,but i haven't be able to find it.
mooncalfe Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
ohh, i thought you meant you were reading it already, sorry. i runs online here: [link] :)
TonyiaFae Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012
:love:Very nicee
SkillZombie Featured By Owner May 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Our heroes look down below upon the endless depths of the city below. Buildings and skyscrapers climb up like countless fingers reaching up from a derelict, modern hell from below. Unmoving and remaining in wait, they navigate the city from above, waiting for the right moment to make their move.

The sense of scale mixes perfectly with your art-style, giving the viewer the feeling of being immersed within the world laid before them. The vibrant colors do a great job of breathing life into the image. One thing I could suggest is a bit of refinement on the minor details in the background cityscape. Perhaps add more textural details to the buildings, add displays to the suspended monitors. All in all a good looking piece. Nice job! :)
mooncalfe Featured By Owner May 18, 2011
haha, i like your summary/synopsis of the image. :XD: except the characters aren't looking down onto the city, they're looking at each other! ;) that's the important part you missed!

thanks so much for the critique, i appreciate it! i don't get that kind of thing very often, thank you. i also appreciate your suggestion about the detail refinement and stuff, but i don't think that would really add anything to the picture and would over-complicate this particular visual style.
SkillZombie Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Curses, I have incorrectly perceived the very sight in front of me! Damn you, quick glances! :shakefist:

Actually you are right, while extra detailing would look nice, there is that chance of having the piece look overcomplicated. If that's the case, I would suggest minor detailing updates, nothing too big but everything on the same detail level.

Still good work. :)
DthNtDty Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
sooooooooooooo adorable :D
Scribbabbles Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow!!! The detail work is amazing!!! I love the shades of blue you used!
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