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April 4, 2012
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WET MOON: Glen + Harrison by mooncalfe WET MOON: Glen + Harrison by mooncalfe
Glen and Harrison from WET MOON.
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The pictures make me really interesting in this comic, but...I'm German and my English pissed myself off .-. *grumble*
I like you style *-* allthough I only read manga or novel
Geez, some of these characters are just getting cuter and cuter! Glen and Cleo are progressively being infected with the cute widdle face virus. It's too bad Glen is gay. If Cleo and Glen got together, their children would be cuter than kittens!
Ragidonne Apr 30, 2012  Student Artist
haha I love this. been a fan since reading the Abandoned. Too bad that had to end prematurely :[

anyway love this and wet moon <3
thank you!!! :)
kitten-cammita Apr 28, 2012  Student Filmographer
This has got to be the cutest yaoi scene ever, and I thought I got over this stuff after high school ^^ its cute.
haha thanks. is any boy/boy stuff automatically considered yaoi? it doesn't really seem, from what i know anyway, that this piece fits the definition... :confused:
People default in calling anything boy/boy, M/M Yaoi these days. -_-;

*I* remember when there was a definite difference in boy/boy love and yaoi.

Yaoi was M/M love smut for females by females (some *rare* times a male mangaka) that was drama fodder incestuous rape *drama* that was meant to titillate and feed the the female reader's inner soap/gossip addict. It is by no illusion a remotely accurate depiction of gay male relations or *any* healthy relationship in any shape or form.

Boy/boy love is more romantic love with a touch of romantic *angst* added to taste (some like it mild, some like it super spicy flaming). It will climax with *the ultimate SEX!* (maybe a hint or preview of *the ultimate SEX!* peppered for angst's sake depending).

None of these have correct depictions of 'real' gay sex or relationships. All female characters are ether furniture, fag-hags or *evil* plot devises.

It is a genera and it is a common fan-fic plot device- but it annoys me when people project the fan-fic mind-set of Yoai to something that is clearly (to me any way- but I'm dated and *old* apparently) *not* Yaoi (thank god. Love it, binge on it but I need *healthy* reading in my life thank you).

These days people default calling anything male/male or gay male Yaoi- I am assuming- because Yaoi has become the main stream default to male on male smut/romance. Even actual gay comics written by gay men (with a largely female fan base I might add) put their stories in the Yaoi genera because that's where females looking for boy/boy m/m loving look.

Seeing as Glen + Harrison are *actually* gay and the females in Wet Moon are not plot furniture, fag-hags or *EVIL* plot devices- I'm going to conclude they are *not* Yaoi.

Glen is on the girly side, but...he's Goth (or Emo? I can't tell). He would be girly even with a flaming hot bikini bikini babe.
whoa, thanks for all the info! i've read a little bit of yaoi but mostly American stuff like Starfighter, but i never really understood the different definitions and stuff other than it's mostly a heterosexual woman-made fantasy for other women, which is cool, so thanks for explaining it all. :)
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