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March 9, 2012
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WET MOON 6 page 6 by mooncalfe WET MOON 6 page 6 by mooncalfe
i've been hearing from some people who are coming in new to this Wet Moon 6 preview, so i'll run through things again for anyone who's confused! :)

Wet Moon volume 6 comes out in October this year, and i'm running a page a week leading up to the release date, both here and on the Wet Moon blog (where i add additional commentary on the pages). the preview isn't selected pages, it's starting from page 1 and will go up to around page 40, so if you can avoid it i wouldn't recommend reading any of the pages without starting at page 1.

as for spoilers, this is only spoilers for those of you who haven't read Wet Moon volume 5! so if you've read volume 5 you're good to go and none of this will spoil anything since it's starting from page 1, and if you read it in order nothing will be revealed before it's supposed to be. so for anyone who hasn't read the series, don't read this preview!!! i mean, you can if you want, but know what you're getting into! ;)

i don't know how or if i should mark on these preview pages that they're part of this special preview and contain spoilers, but at the same time do you guys think that's necessary? what do you think? i feel like just having the title of the image be "Wet Moon 6 page 5" is probably enough; like if it's called "page 5" and you haven't read the first 4, and page 5 from Wet Moon 6 and you haven't read Wet Moon 5, it's probably got spoilers. :hmm:


thanks to everyone who's been reading!
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Squeegeeash Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love how this just keeps reminding me of living with my roommates when I had what we called "The Big House" (It's a lot like Fern's house actually) and we would have parties. God, I miss that house.
Ross, I think I can speak for most of your fans when I say this will do nicely until we can actually get #6 into our grubby hands. :#1:
aw, thanks!! i'm glad it's tiding you over. :)
ClusterFack Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahah reminds me of the party I was at yesturday.
GPOY, Audrey <3
psshhh audrey just loves the drama/attention!!
I really don't see how the title isn't as revealing to what's in store as anyone should need it to be.

Putting it under some sort of preview image might help- seeing as some things might be deduced through thumbnails as you continue.
is there a way to do preview images or a thumbnail that appears before you click on the picture? i can't find any option to do that...
There is I just don't know how to do it. Try the FAQ section?
i can't find anything. T_T
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