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May 23, 2012
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SHADOWEYES UNMASKED outfits by mooncalfe SHADOWEYES UNMASKED outfits by mooncalfe
some outfits for SHADOWEYES 3!

it really slows me down when i have to come up with outfits on the fly when i'm drawing a comic, so i like to make up outfits ahead of time. it took me several books before i started doing this, partly because i was much less particular and meticulous about the fashion in my earlier work, but over the years i started spending way too much time making up outfits. if i came to a scene and i didn't have an idea for an outfit, it would grind me to a halt so i had to figure something else out.

for Wet Moon i don't do drawings like these, i use photos or snippets of photos as starting points. but for Shadoweyes since it's futuristic i like to make them up myself.

i usually don't use every outfit in a book, sometimes they spill over into the next book, or don't get used at all, or get combined. anyway, here are Kyisha, Noah, and Sparkle (characters not to scale!).
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lady-toyano Jun 10, 2012   General Artist
Something about off the shoulder for all is just so alluring and you do it so well.
MoxieMe Jun 7, 2012  Hobbyist
This is a smart idea! i think i will steal it. Designing outfits is like my least favorite part about creating characters/comics. Id put everyone in a t-shirt and jeans if i could get away with it.
Also what fantastic outfits. if you ever decide to go into fashion design i think you'd have legions of little punk girls clamoring for your fashions. ;)

#11 lol
i both love designing outfits and hate it! i hate it because it's so time-consuming for me and sometimes tough coming up with good ones, but i love it because it's super fun when it works out.

which #11 are you lol'ing about?? there are 3 of them! :XD:
samax Jun 1, 2012  Professional Artist

I need to start doing these! Great stuff!
thanks, Samax!!
Damn, where does Kyisha get those insane two toned clothes? Somehow I picture Noah and Kyisha going shopping together and then going back to Noah's house so they can cut the shirts into quarter shirts for Noah haha. And then Noah is all like 'No, baby, you gotta make it look like it's ripped!' Haha no, that probably never happens. I just like to think of serious characters doing silly stuff :P
LeRHAT May 26, 2012  Hobbyist
They all look so cool.
DthNtDty May 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Dude, you're super good at making up outfits. ._. To me they look like something I wouldn't be surprised to see at a runway show. :D
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