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October 18, 2011
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GLORY by mooncalfe GLORY by mooncalfe
remember Glory?? i'm drawing the new ongoing series (SCARY, my first monthly), written by Joe Keatinge (with additional ideas by me, i got my fingers in the script!). it's part of Image Comics' Extreme relaunch, also including Supreme, Youngblood, Bloodstrike, and Prophet. more info here and here (the second link has an interior page at the bottom with temp colors).

anyway this is the cover to the first issue, out February 2012. i made the title logo, too, and was happily surprised when Image let us use it. anybody recognize the font? ;)
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I love this
funny how lifelds ideas work when actually talented people take over them...
just saw this cover on amazon and i just bought it instantly :D i usually get more info before i buy something but this thing hit the spot^^ great work here i love your style. def gonna watch you
whoa, thank you!!
Thanks Mr. Campbell. You and Mr. Keating. I must admit, I came this close to quitting superhero comics b/c I'm not an advocate of 'flash over substance'. Gotten tired of the whole nitty-gritty trend. Don't mind blood in my comics, but I do mind 'all blood and no substance'.

This comic proved me wrong. It gave me hope that there are some comics out there that are worth my time. Man, I don't know if Mr. Keating's reading this too but I can say, this Glory is a nice example of what a superheroine like Wonder Woman is supposed to be, 'A science fiction adventure' comic.
My tastes are pulp stories featuring Amazons & Aliens in epic adventures & this new take is really giving me what I've asked for. As for the art & direction, it's cinematic. Impressively cinematic. The designs are weird but weird in an intriguing sense. The new Glorianna character is innovative. She's designed as muscular, tall, & very powerful, but at least she doesn't look sexy & stereotypical which is refreshing.

You're doing a great job, thank you for convincing me in buying comics. I'm subscribing to Image Comics for now on.
wow, thank you so much!!! not just for checking out Glory, but for taking the time to leave me a comment. i really appreciate all this, and i'm sure Joe would too (i emailed him your comment, hope that was okay!). you made my day. :)
bloogun Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome work. I've been a casual fan of Glory and other random Image titles off and on for years, but your cover art for #23 got my attention right away! The logo is awesome and the negative space in the background just makes it that much cooler. I'm going to start reading again, I stumbled upon an article on the new Glory recently and I'm looking forward to reading it.
thanks so much! :)
justincristelli Feb 19, 2012  Professional Writer
Amazing first issue! I'm telling everybody I know to give it a try.
thank you so much!! :)
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